My name is Lucile, I’m a French girl birth in Pau (South west). I lived between Ocean and Mountain. Sounds perfect to be balanced. Actually I never been very balanced.

Too much passionate, impulsive and passionate. Too much stressed and anxious also. I've always drawn, as a lot of us. Never thought it could be a living, as a lot of us.


I've made law study. Until a point where I burned out. I remember younger was in Nice. I went to the Matisse Museum and cried in front of a BIG Matisse painting. Totally absorbed. I felt emotion and sadness. Because I wanted to do that. But didn’t know how, where. I was locked.


Until a point where I decided to quit. To jump in the unknown. I went to travel, Europe, Argentina, India, Mexico. And finally understood that all was possible. I know it can sound naive, but it is. It just is. We work so hard to find why it’s not realistic, why it’s not possible. We consume so much energy to find all the why not that we forgot to focus on the why it can.


I find my way, I find my happiness. Today I’m in peace. I found my balance. I understand my past unbalanced way to be was because of all the tension created by the retentions of myself.

I do meditate. I did Vipassana in Mexico and for sure all of that helps a lot. But I don’t like to talk too much about that, because there is not just one way. We just have to listen ourself to find our own way.


I’m 29. I live in Brazil with my Love one.

I love Life.

Thanks for passing by and for following my travel.
I hope to be lucky enough to know you. 






Describe your art in three words.
Minimalist, raw and organic


Where do you draw inspiration?
Mostly from my sensations and my inner world. 
I have always been rather introverted, I often get lost in a flood of sensations and emotions, that's what drives me


What is your favourite medium and why?
Oil paint, for material and texture. I also love to paint on raw linen. Currently, I travel a lot so I exchanged my paint tubes for an Ipad pro


Who are some of your favourite artists?
Poets and writer: Philippe Soupault - Fernando Pessoa - Albert Camus / Painter: Jean Dubuffet for his work on "L'art brut"- Cezanne - Van Gogh and Matisse. I'm from the South of France and went to live during a period when Van Gogh lived (in Arles). The colors and the energy are beautiful there.