A few years ago, after experimenting a very painful breakup, I felt very low.I was at this time a law student and was completely overwhelmed by my emotions.Lost in fear, guiltyness and a mix of other inconfortable feeling, I experienced insomnia and some other disturbances.

One night of ones of my sleepless night, I listened a meditation video. Not very sure about it, but after all, I had nothing to lose at this point.

I was listening passively, when, suddenly, I felt like disconnected of myself.A strange feeling of “nothing”. I touched something else, or more accurately, I touched nothing. It surely went just for some micro second, but this time, this time of nothing changed my life.

It has been the day I understood I wasn’t my thought. My thoughts could continue their small talks, I wasn’t there anymore. I was in a quiet place. A place of peace.

My journey has after that been very long and even painful. I continued my law studies until a point where I felt totally dead inside. Far away any kind of creativity, I felt my life didn’t have any sense. 4 years being valedictorian of my promotion, I decided to quit.

I decided to quit to connect me again to this space of quietness, this place where I could listen my creativity.

And today here I am.Happy to be able to share with you these moment of nothing. This moment when the time stop and the brush take all the space.