Less to feel more.

We are used to think that more is better.

That more will bring more.

But no.
Less bring more.
We all heard about the minimalist quote "less is better”.
And even if this idea isis on display everywhere and is a bit misunderstood today with the minimalist theory, it is true. we need space to create and let the new enter.

That means non-attachment and permission to let it go.

It's just in this space that New can comes into our life.
New more aligned with what we are looking for, with what we are becoming.

I felt this in my work on this collection and especially on the today's piece.

To touch the essence. That's the goal of art.
Feel the essence and transcribe it in the more direct and raw way possible.

But as we always want more, I had difficulty to stop the brushes.
With the tentation, the attraction for one more brushstroke, et voilà, it was lost. The goal was missed, the essence lost.

I like this piece because I think I succeed to touch that. The raw essence of the sea. Without falling in the trap of "too much".

I had this piece on my wall, and loved to see it each day. Remembering me that I have to cultivate the simplicity.