Always look forward to tomorrow.
See you tomorrow when it will finally happen. See you tomorrow at last when this problem will be solved, this story over, or this affair started.
Tomorrow when everything is finally going well.
Tomorrow when at last, happiness will knock on the door to say, "that's it, I'm here".
I have always been in this trend.
Anxious. Afraid of tomorrow but at the same time impatient for its arrival and its promises.
I have always been afraid, but I have always made choices that are the opposite of reason.
The fear is there and speaks.
The fear is there and will always speak.
The challenge is not to leave room for it.
To see it coming, to feel it, to listen to it so that we can gently leave it.
Sometimes it's good to talk to your fear.
To tell him, I heard you, thank you. But I won't listen to you.
Go on his way without trying not to be afraid.
Just by listening to this fear a little less.
The sea is beautiful for that.
When is in front of her, tomorrow vanishes. We have no other choice but to be, right there.