Breathe the sun

3 years ago, in Mexico, I did a mushroom ceremony.

It has been hard.

Very hard.
It is said that before taking mushrooms; it is better to be well. Good in his life, calm and serene to have an experience that is not painful.

And I thought I was in this state. Calm and good in my life.

But obviously not.

I had to face big demons during my trip and after being in the dark for a few hours, I had several visions.

It was full of memories of my life. Like lots of flashes.
Forgotten and a priori insignificant moments.
But one thing was common to all of these times.

The sun.
In all these episodes that came back to me, (in my kitchen, on a beach, in a bakery), the common anointed was that micro second, that I relived, where I closed my eyes and felt the sun.

It's as if these memories of connecting with the sun helped me out of the dark.

Since then, every time the sun crosses me in this way, I take the time to close my eyes and breathe in to help me face my next demons


So I wanted to make this art to remind me of these moments, these moments of sun